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Get to know more about Me: Malot12

It’s been few days now since I signed up Virily. I posted few, commented few, and visit often but I haven’t Introduced myself properly to you guys. I just felt indebted since almost everyone introduce themselves already. Finally, I got the courage to have my proper introduction. This is who am I guys. I hope this will help you know me better ^_^.

  • What is my real name?

    • a. Maria Lourdes
    • b. Marilou
    • c. Malou
  • Where I come from?

    • a. India
    • b. Thailand
    • c. Philippines
  • How old am I?

    • a. 20 -30 y.o.
    • b. 31 – 40 y.o.
    • c. 41 – 50
  • My favorite past time?

    • a. Watching Korean Drama Series
    • b. Reading Pocketbooks
    • c. Both a and b
  • Malot’s favorite food?

    • a. Spaghetti and Fried Chicken
    • b. Cake and Ice cream
    • c. Fish and veggies
  • Malot’s work or job?

    • a. Virtual Assistant
    • b. Call Center Agent
    • c. Teaching job
  • Who is Malot’s favorite author/writer in Literature

    • a. Edgar Allan Poe
    • b. William Shakespeare
    • c. Charles Dickens
  • Malot’s favorite quote?

    • a. “Live life to the fullest”
    • b. “Life is full of surprises”
    • c. “Behind the clouds the sun is still shining”
  • Malot really loves _____?

    • a. singing
    • b. dancing
    • c. cooking
  • Why there is 12 after Malot?

    • a. It is her birth dat
    • b. It is her favorite number
    • c. It is the date something special

What do you think?

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  1. Awe, I love your introduction! What was your name on was it RAba or Tsu that I know you from… Hum. Can’t remember. Well any how, I got one question wrong, I kind of figured you were a Dickens girl. Great to see you here, everyone will love your photos and personality. You will climb up the ranks quickly.

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