Get Bored!! Lets Take an Entertainment Quiz :)

So guys are you tired of sitting alone and get bored? This is the solution for your bored life, an entertaining quiz which will make your mind and brain fresh. It will help you know new things, because I had made this not too easy but I promise you gonna enjoy that.

  • With which activity is Osama Bin Laden associated?

    • Peace
    • War
    • Terriorism
  • Which of these played cricket for Pakistan?

    • Kerry Packer
    • Imran khan
    • Dennis Lellie
  • By what name is Marian (or Mary Ann) Evans, who wrote “Adam Bede”, “The Mill On The Floss” and “Silas Marner”, better known?

    • P D James
    • Jane Eyre
    • George Eliot
  • Mutesa I (1835–1884), Mwanga II (1867–1903), Daudi Chwa II (1896–1939) & Sir Edward Mutesa II (1924–1969), four previous kabakas (kings of Buganda), are buried at which UNESCO World Heritage Site?

    • The Kasubi Tombs
    • Kakadu
    • Deir el-Medina
  • What 1966 Broadway musical was based on Fellini’s film “Nights of Cabiria”?

    • Sweet Charity
    • Cabaret
    • Annie Get Your Gun
  • Cathay is now a poetic name for which country?

    • China
    • Korea
    • Japan
  • Reincarnation is not part of which of these religions?

    • Buddhism
    • Baptist
    • Theosophy
  • On which planet is Olympus Mons?

    • Uranus
    • Jupiter
    • Mars

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Written by Maria khan

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