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General Knowledge Quiz of the World: No. 2 – What do you know about the World? Test Yourself

Test your general knowledge of the world (and a few other related topics); with my second World Series quiz.

After the quiz; you may mention your score, in the section below; and share the quiz with people in your social networks. Thanks for playing! Good luck.

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    Which technical word refers to: the event of a spacecraft meeting up with another spacecraft in outer space?

    • Space Walk
    • Appointment
    • Mission Probe
    • Rendezvous
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    Which bone in the human body is known as the Scapula?

    • Tail bone
    • Upper arm bone
    • Hip bone
    • Shoulder blade bone
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    In what year did the first ever cricket test match take place?

    • 1827
    • 1877
    • 1897
    • 1907
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    Who invented the phonograph; the motion-picture camera; the modern electric light-bulb; devices for generating electrical power, recorded music and motion pictures?

    • Alexander Graham Bell
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Thomas Edison
    • Johannes Gutenberg
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    Who directed the film, Mission: Impossible?

    • Martin Scorsese
    • Brian De Palma
    • Michael Mann
    • Paul Verhoeven
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    Who invented the Logarithms in 1614; which is still used in maths today?

    • Galileo
    • Blaise Pascal
    • Hans Lippershey
    • Otto von Guericke
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    Which city is the capital of Cameroon?

    • Bangui
    • Lilongwe
    • Yaounde
    • Libreville
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    Which of the following studio albums is not one recorded by the singer, Madonna?

    • Love Me
    • Bedtime Stories
    • Hard Candy
    • True Blue
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    Which disease, is a condition which causes thickening of the bones, and often occurs in older people?

    • Lumbago
    • Paget’s disease
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Meniere’s disease
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    Which cosmetics firm founder invented the first commercial, non-toxic mascara?

    • Avon
    • L’Oreal
    • Rimmel
    • Revlon


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Written by Daniel Obiago