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Robin Biznis September 19.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Again we have a quiz from many different fields of knowledge.I give three answers to each question asked.One is correct. So stay tuned for answers.I wish you good knowledge and good fun.Robin

  • In what year did the famous automatic rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov begin to be made?

    • 1937
    • 1957
    • 1945
  • Which player has won 2 consecutive Olympic gold medals in individual senior competition?

    • Arthur Ashe
    • Roger Federer
    • Andy Murray
  • In what city was Princess Diana tragically killed?

    • London
    • Berlin
    • Paris
  • Who according to the legend said “The state is me”

    • Louis XIV of France
    • Louis XV of France
    • Louis XVI of France
  • Do you know who won the big bike race through Spain-La Vuelta?

    • Alberto Contador
    • Primoz Roglic
    • Chris Froome
  • Do you know which family the Badger ?

    • Bears
    • Martens
    • To Cats
  • Do you know which African country is Kampala’s capital?

    • Kenya
    • Zambia
    • Uganda
  • Do you know what is the longest river in North America?

    • Mississippi River
    • Rio Grande River
    • Missouri River

What do you think?

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Written by Robin Biznis



I am Dragan Čanković aged 65 years. I live in Belgrade, Serbia as a pensioner. On this site, my nickname is as well as on Facebook Robin Biznis.

Here I am trying to make some money through my own.

It's also very interesting for me to read what other people are writing and publishing.

I experience it as a creative work that actually is.

I wish you all good health and happiness to all of you.

Dragan Cankovic


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