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Robin Biznis  December 20.2019 Belgrade, Serbia


Another similar quiz is before you.Questions from various fields.Some are the thesis, some are easier.Discard those answers I give you and are doubtful to you. Or you know that they are wrong.That leaves you with the correct answer.I wish you good knowledge.I apologize if some of the words or concepts are not correctly translated into English.It won’t bother you to solve the quiz.Good luck.

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    Do you know what Italian city they call “Italian Athens?

    • Bologna
    • Turin
    • Florence
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    Do you know who owned the famous car factory in Highland Park, Michigan?

    • Frank Duryea
    • Henry Ford
    • .Carl Benz
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    When do you make a poached egg what do you have to add to the water?

    • Salt
    • Vinegar
    • Oil for eating
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    Do you know what vitamin was missing sailors were sick with a disease called scurvy?

    • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin B
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    Do you know what colour the dog is in in the novel “Eyes … of a dog” written by Colombian writer Gabriel José Garcia Markes?

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Yellow
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    Do you know the name of a tragically injured Formula One driver, one of Brazil’s most popular athletes.

    • Huan Manuel Fangio
    • Airton Sena
    • Fernando Alonso
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    One of the best films of all time is Citizen Kane. Do you know the name of the director of this movie?

    • John Huston
    • No
    • John Ford
    • Orson Welles
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    You know that the House of Representatives voted to revoke incumbent President Donald Trump?

    • Not one
    • One
    • Three


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