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General Knowledge Questions! Part 1

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This quiz has all types of questions and themes. From history, to science, sports and much much more. I find these type of quizzes really fun and entertaining and I think they are the best ones since they meet everyone’s interests. I hope you enjoy taking this general knowledge quiz and don’t forget to tell me your results in the comments below! I always respond and I really appreciate everyone’s opinion!

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    In which year of First World War Germany declared war on Russia and France?

    • 1914
    • 1915
    • 1916
    • 1917
  • Question of

    In a normal human body, the total number of red blood cells is

    • 15 trillion
    • 20 trillion
    • 25 trillion
    • 30 trillion
  • Question of

    In which season do we need more fat?

    • Summer
    • Winter
    • Spring
    • Rainy season
  • Question of

    How many times has Brazil won the World Cup Football Championship?

    • Four times
    • Once
    • Five times
    • Twice
  • Question of

    If speed of rotation of the earth increases, weight of the body

    • increases
    • remains unchanged
    • decreases
    • may decrease or increase
  • Question of

    How many players are there on each side in the game of Basketball?

    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
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    In a normal human being, how much time does food take to reach the end of the intestine for complete absorption?

    • About 8 hours
    • About 12 hours
    • About 16 hours
    • About 18 hours
  • Question of

    Hundred year war was fought between

    • France and England
    • Greek and Persian forces
    • Civil war in England
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    In which of the following pairs, the two substances forming the pair are chemically most dissimilar?

    • Sugar and paper
    • Butter and paraffin wax
    • Chalk and marble
    • Charcoal and diamond
  • Question of

    In which year did Sir Edmund Hillary reach the summit of Mount Everest?

    • 1952
    • 1953
    • 1954
    • 1955
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    In which of the following organs of human body does maximum absorption of food take place?

    • Gullet
    • Large intestine
    • Small intestine
    • Stomach


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