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Funny Cartoon Characters

I grew up watching cartoons and still prefer the drawn ones to the computer ones. I believe many cartoon characters have become very popular over time and just seeing them you recognize them, Let’s see how many you know by name. Just pretend you’re a child again looking at a picture book and have fun.

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    He had a girlfriend called Olive Oyl and got strong when he ate spinach.

    • Bluto
    • Mortimer
    • Popeye
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    He loves to eat carrots and always drives a hunter called Elmer Fudd crazy

    • Bugs Bunny
    • No
    • Briar Rabbit
    • Rabbit
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    He loves honey and has a pig for a best friend.

    • Yogi Bear
    • Winnie the Pooh
    • Mr. Bear
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    He lives with his family in Outer Space

    • Homer Simpson
    • George Jetson
    • Fred Flintstone
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    He might be a dog but he can find ghosts and catch criminals

    • Scooby Doo
    • Daffy Dog
    • Dinkles
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    His best friend is Bullwinkle the Moose

    • Jaydee Squirrel
    • Rocky J. Squirrel
    • Herman Squirrel
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    She and her partner is crime Boris were very nasty criminals

    • Cruella
    • Rosy
    • Natasha
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    He lives in Bedrock and has a wife named Wilma

    • Fred Flinstone
    • Family Guy
    • Homer Simpson
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    He was a blue dog who was always busy with many different occupations

    • Dinky Dog
    • Huckleberry Hound
    • Twinkles
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    He really needed glasses because he could hardly see anything

    • Uncle Bob
    • Herman
    • Mr. Magoo
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    He was a bear who loved stealing picnic baskets.

    • Pooh Bear
    • Yogi Bear
    • Boo Boo
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    The horse that fought for law and order

    • Fast Pony
    • Herman Horse
    • Quick Draw McDraw


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