Fun questions for you

This set of question is something that makes you analyze a little bit as well as makes you smile when you get the correct answer. It is easy but enjoyable.

Okay, so if you are ready. You may start the quiz and let’s see how good you are at it. Good luck.

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    Grey’s mother has four children. Jan, Jen, and Jon are three of them. Who’s the fourth?

    • Jin
    • Jun
    • Grey
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    I have three oranges with me. If you take two from me, how many oranges do you have?

    • one
    • two
    • three
  • Question of

    Is there any number/s from one to one hundred that has letter “A”?

    • none
    • yes
    • I don’t know
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    If there were 10 fish and half of it was drown, how many left?

    • five
    • all of them
    • none
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    Even a single hair of a man is not wet when he run through the rain without umbrella r protection. Why is that so?

    • He is bald
    • He is waterproof
    • He runs fast
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    What looks like the half of a melon?

    • moon
    • squash
    • other half
  • Question of

    On the roof, the rooster lay eggs. Where do you think the egg roll?

    • it roll down
    • it didn’t roll
    • not at all, rooster don’t lay eggs
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    Every single person on the bus accident died but two were survived? How is that possible?

    • they use safety gears
    • they were couples


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