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Find the Difference Game

For this game I used one photo, and edited it. 

I made 10 changes to one photo, all you have to do is find the differences.

 Did I take something away or did I add something? I did both! 

Look at the original closely, remember zoom is your friend. Best viewed on a bigger monitor than a cell phone.

 Good luck and have fun!

  • Here is the original.

    • Okay
  • The edit. I have made 3 changes to the 10 dollar note. Did I change any numbers on this bill?

    • Yes you did!
    • Nope, you did not!
  • This question is about the 10 dollar bill. Did I add anything?

    • Yes, you added something on the bottom right.
    • Yes, you added something on the bottom left.
    • No, you only took things away in this bill.
  • Last question about the 10 dollar bill. What part of the 10 dollar bill is the last edit in?

    • The border.
    • The seal.
    • The president.
  • The next three edits are on the 20 dollar note. Here is the original once again. Look at it closely, then answer the next three questions.

    • Okay
  • On the twenty dollar bill there is something added to ______.

    • The seal.
    • The president.
    • A number.
  • On the twenty is there any changes on the top of the bill?

    • Yes, to the left of the president.
    • Yes, to the right of the president.
    • There are no changes to the top.
  • Last question about the twenty. Did I add something to a number or take something away?

    • You added something.
    • You took something away.
  • The last question is about the 100 dollar note and the four changes in it from the original.. This is the original.

    • Okay
  • The edit. Can you find all four differences? List them below in the comments section!

    • Okay

What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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