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English proverbs quiz

Your task is to add a correct word or phrase to complete popular English provers and sayings.

  • Question of

    A bird in the hand is worth two in ……

    • the bush
    • the tree
  • Question of

    A friend in need is a friend…

    • in real life
    • indeed
  • Question of

    Absence makes the heart grow ….

    • fonder
    • greater
  • Question of

    All that glisters is not …

    • gold
    • silver
  • Question of

    A picture is worth a thousand

    • words
    • coins
  • Question of

    Beat around the …

    • city
    • bush
  • Question of

    One swallow doesn’t make a …

    • summer
    • spring
  • Question of

    Never look a gift horse in the

    • ears
    • mouth


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