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English Is Not My Mouth

The title just means that if I make mistakes in English when I speak then it means English is not my first language. So sometimes we write what we speak. It is called mother tongue interference.

Can you get what I wanted to say here?

  • Question of

    ‘We eat together’ simply means

    • We are generous
    • We are friends
    • Food is plenty
  • Question of

    ‘Do not kill me’ means

    • Do not be a murderer
    • Do not make me laugh
    • Do not give me a bad bargain
  • Question of

    ‘We used route eleven’ means

    • We walked
    • We cried
    • The route was number eleven
  • Question of

    The brewer is on the veranda

    • He is resting
    • He has brewed
    • He is dead
  • Question of

    Washed his hands clean

    • Confessed
    • Took personal hygiene
    • Became prosperous
  • Question of

    Do not dry eyes for me

    • Do not lack respect
    • Do not deny me anything
    • Do not admire me
  • Question of

    He broke her leg

    • Made her pregnant
    • Stopped her from going
    • Fought with her
  • Question of

    Going up

    • Climbed
    • Rose
    • Went to town or abroad
  • Question of

    They ate from the same pot

    • Travelled together
    • Born together
    • Men who Tangled with one woman
  • Question of

    He is driving

    • Having diarrhoea
    • Making a car move
    • Sliding


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