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You don’t know Philip K Dick

Now here is an author who really knew how to bring the paranoia to a dystopian future, and also understood that a dysfunctional populace and a utopian society are mutually exclusive. His mistrust of the government engendered works that were just shy of subversive and he lived in fear of FBI surveillance

Nevertheless, his work is often adapted for Hollywood releases. Some are more faithful to the source material than others, and let’s see if you can spot the difference…

  • Question of

    The movie Blade Runner was based on what PKD novel?

    • Do Androids Dream in HDMI?
    • the book was also called Blade Runner
    • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
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    The movie Total Recall was based on what PKD novel?

    • We Can Remember It for You Wholesale
    • the book was also called Total Recall
    • Do You Remember Mars?
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    The movie A Scanner Darkly was based on what PKD novel?

    • Behind the Orange Curtain
    • The book was also called A Scanner Darkly
    • The Dark Lives of Bob Arctor
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    The movie Minority Report was based on what PKD novel?

    • I Will Choose Freewill
    • the book was also called Minority Report
    • Ask Not the Oracle
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    What were androids called in the PKD novels?

    • Replicants
    • Simulacra
    • Skin Jobs
  • Question of

    PKD invented a pseudo religion which he called…

    • the Cult of the Blue Blossom
    • Mercerism
    • VALIS
  • Question of

    What other PKD story featured androids?

    • We Can Build You
    • My Plastic Pal
    • Her Two Chambered Heart
  • Question of

    What other PKD story featured Mercer?

    • The Little Black Box
    • The Man Who Japed
    • The World Jones Made
  • Question of

    Eye in the Sky was co-authored by

    • Alan Parsons
    • Tim Powers
    • Nobody, PKD wrote it alone
  • Question of

    The Man in the High Castle contains a book about our timeline, what is it called?

    • Mein Kampf
    • The Man in the Low Valley
    • The Grasshopper Lies Heavy


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