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Do you recognize these breeds?

This quiz demonstrates us different types of household (or potentially tamed) felines. Would you be able to remember them?

If you a cat lover then this is for you. Have Fun!

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    Spotted Mist a short haired cat has a spotted fur with a hazy effect. In which country did this breed originate?

    • Sahara
    • Himalaya
    • Australia
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    It is a large cat with a brownish spotted coat, almost as if it were a miniature leopard.Can you guess?

    • Havana brown cat
    • Bengal cat
    • Russian blue
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    Dragon Li parades, a wild cat breed that can be domesticated. It has a golden – brown tabby pattern. Where does this breed come from?

    • Hungary
    • Norway
    • China
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    Which of these breeds is closely related to the Siamese?

    • Abyssinian
    • Javanese
    • Aegean
    • Chartreux
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    What is the decisive trait to tell one Kurilian bobtail from the other?

    • Voice
    • Ears
    • Fur pattern
    • Tail
  • Question of

    What is the name of the breed?

    • Peterbald
    • Ojos azules
    • Odd-eyed
    • Frank Sinatra
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    What is the name for this breed, reminding us of the old name of a Middle-Eastern country?

    • Tonkinese
    • Serengeti
    • Egyptian
    • Persian
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    Sokoke cat, also named Khadzonzos cat. A third, less used, name refers to the continent they come from. What is the third name of this breed?

    • Oriental shorthair
    • British shorthair
    • Japanese bobtail
    • African shorthair


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