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Do you know all about Strawberries?

Strawberries are plants that grow fruits and are edible.  They are popular in ice cream, milkshakes, baking and some people dip them in chocolate for someone they love on Valentine’s Day! Strawberries and health. They have potassium, vitamin K. and magnesium which are particularly important for women’s bone health, and also contain biotin, which aids in strong hair and nails.

  • Why are strawberries called strawberries?

    • Origin of the word ‘strawberry’ is based on growing plants with a layer of straw mulch with the purpose of retaining moisture.
    • The surface of the fruit appears like it’s embedded with bits of straw.
    • Both of the above
  • Nutrition facts: Strawberries have (per 100 grams)

    • 0 mg. sodium
    • 1 mg. sodium
    • 3 mg. sodium
  • The first garden strawberry was grown in:

    • Toulouse, France
    • Brittany, France
    • Lille, France
  • Can strawberries grow indoors and outdoors?

    • No, they can only grow outdoors
    • Yes, indoors but they have to grow in pots
    • Both indoors and outdoors
  • Which country is the largest producer of strawberries? (2014 figures)

    • Spain
    • United States
    • Mexico
  • Where does the expression “strawberry blonde” come from?

    • A book written by Jennie Hicks “Sparkles from Saratoga” (1873) which refers to the color of her dog’s hair
    • It’s the first color used to dye Marilyn Monroe’s hair
    • It happens when you dye your blonde hair with pink dye
  • Chocolate ice cream is 16% popular, white ice cream is 12% popular, where do think strawberry ice cream stands?

    • 14%
    • 18%
    • 9%
  • How much Vitamin C is in one strawberry?

    • 85%
    • 90%
    • 97%

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