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Disney's Evil Villains Come Out to Play

Most everyone knows the animated movies created by Disney. Many of the characters we grew up with. I even enjoy watching Disney movies today. This is a fun quiz about the villains in Disney movies. You’ll see the photo and read the description and then decide what the villain’s name is. 

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    This nasty fellow is a lion from “The Lion King”. He has major problems. He wants to be King under any circumstances and greatly resents his older brother who is presently King. He decides to do his brother in and with the help of a wildebeest stampede kills him and then pins the blame for his death on this grieving little son Simba, who runs away. The evil one sends 3 hyenas after Simba to finish him off as well but they cannot catch him.

    • Scraglly
    • Scar
    • Claws
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    Now this lady could scare just about any one. Her biggest problem is that she wants to be the beauty of the land and she doesn’t want anyone to be more beautiful than she is. Her stepdaughter Snow White surpasses her in beauty as the Magic Mirror keeps telling her. What is a devious woman to do? She transforms herself into an ugly old hag and goes off into the forest to see that Snow White eats a poisonous apple and dies. But the girl will only fall into a deep sleep and the old hag laughs with glee thinking the Seven Dwarfs will bury her alive.

    • The Angry Queen
    • The Frustrated Queen
    • The Evil Queen
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    This is one scary voodoo man from “The Princess and the Frog”. He uses his black magic to get his own way. He is the only Disney villain successful at actually killing a major character in this case, the Cajun Firefly, Ray. Among this other deed is calling in demonic forces and controlling shadows.

    • Doctor Facilier
    • Doctor Voodoo
    • Doctor Harmful
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    This one happens to be a fairy with deep anger and resentment in her heart. During the christening of Princess Aurora she bestows the gift of death on the baby when she comes to her 16th birthday. Three good fairies take the Princess away to keep her safe and hidden until her 16th birthday but this revengeful fairy and her raven Diablo won’t rest until they find Aurora.

    • Corina
    • Maleficent
    • Harriet
  • Question of

    This one is never playing with a full deck of cards. She decides that she needs to have a coat made out of the fur of Dalmatian puppies. So she hires to hoodlums named Jasper and Horace to kill the dogs and skin them so she can have her coat.

    • Cruella De Vil
    • Mad Hattie
    • Mad Dame
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    This villain thinks mighty high of himself. He wants to be all powerful. When along comes a poor boy pretending to be a rich sultan he decides to get rid of him and marry Princess Jasmine himself. He has the help of a nasty parrot named Iago.

    • Horatio
    • Imbab
    • Jafar
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    This one is the ruler of the underworld and his sidekicks are known as Pain and Panic. When his two helpers don’t succeed in killing the newborn god Hercules and he discovers that Hercules is alive he get a girl named Megara to help him, What motivated him is his jealousy of his big brother, Zeus

    • Hellkeeper
    • Hades
    • Deader
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    He might not seem like the typical villain but he sure in an unpleasant person. This one is vain, rude, and a hunter who just does not know how to take no for an answer. His favorite pastimes are drinking, smoking, and boasting about his hunting abilities in the local bar, He has the help of his best friend LeFou.

    • Pierre
    • Georges
    • Gaston
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    This one runs about shouting “Off with their heads!” whenever she does not like something. It seems everyone is to blame, Her temper is always fiery and it just gets worse when she meet Alice in her rose garden. On top of it all she has a few screws loose and the help of the gentle King,

    • Queen of Hearts
    • Queen of Tarts
    • Tart Queen
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    In this story she is referred to as the Wicked Stepmother and she really hates her stepdaughter Cinderella, She has help of her two ugly and bumbling daughters Drusilla and Anastasia. Cinderella has to endure living in the attic and putting up with her stepmother’s nasty cat Lucifer. Cinderella becomes her slave and life is never the same again except for the mice that love her and help her as much as they can.

    • Madame Fifi
    • Evil Madame
    • Lady Tremaine
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    This is one unpleasant and bumbling butler who has taken it into his head that once his employer the very rich Madame Adelaide de Bonne Familie dies he will inherit. It is to his dismay that he finds out it will be her precious cats who will inherit. So the evil doer plots to get rid of the cats.

    • Edgar Balthazar
    • Buck Buddy
    • Alphonse
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    This is a particularly nasty tiger who would do anything to have his way. He decides that he must get rid of Mowgli the man cub. He really hates people because people can set fires and this tiger is very afraid of fires. He is cold and calculating and has the help of a equally nasty snake called Kaa.

    • Mad Tiger
    • Shere Khan
    • Toothy
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    The boy who never grew up Peter Pan and the Lost Boys would do alright if only they would not always be attacked by a very nasty and evil pirate. The pirate is intent on killing Peter Pan because he is responsible for chopping off the pirate’s hand and feeding it to a crocodile. Peter Pan is helped by the fairy Tinkerbell.

    • Captain Blye
    • Captain No Goode
    • Captain Hook
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    What can one say about an evil and really nasty rat that has a fat cat for a pet. Any mice that don’t obey him he feeds to his pet. He is meant to be the rat version of James Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes in the mice version “The Great Mouse Detective”

    • Ratigan
    • Professor Nutsy
    • Evil Rat
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    What can one say about a nasty woman who is insane and steals a little baby? Afterward it turns out that she stole the child because the little girl had hair that had the power to keep her forever young. So she raises Rapunzel keeping her in a very tall tower and away from everyone so that no one ever finds out that the girl is the stolen princess.

    • Mother Ethel
    • Mother Gothel
    • Evil Mother
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    This nasty lady looks really scary. She is devious and has the power to create potions so that she can get her way. She decides that she would be a better ruler than the Emperor Kuzco and decides to kill him off. She has the help of her handsome henchman Kronk.

    • Harriet
    • Yzma
    • Irma
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    What can one say about a skeleton-like ruler with a really nasty attitude? This one is not only frightening but he wants to rule the world. What he needs in a giant black cauldron and his black magic to raise an army of undead soldiers. He is helped by an ugly toad with a pegged leg called Creeper

    • Bones
    • The Horned King
    • King of Skeletons
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    This is one fat, angry, and revengeful sea witch who is actually a giant octopus. She has an evil laugh and when she doesn’t like a merperson she turns them into little sea bugs and eats them. When she strikes an unfair deal with the little mermaid Ariel things can only get worse. She is helped by two electric eels Flotsam and Jetsam

    • Ursula
    • Madolyn
    • Sea Queen


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