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Which Design Brand Best Fits Your Style?

While researching summer fashion ideas, I compiled 8 basic styles for summer 2017 fashions, created by 8 different fashion brands. Which brands best fits your individual style for this summer? Take this test and find out. This is a short quiz with questions to bring out your individual style that fits certain designer brand labels for summer 2017.

  • You are getting ready to go to a party. What do you wear?

    • a pale pink flowing dress with floral accent as well as pale pink makeup
    • sequined mini dresses and shiny accessory
    • monotone and minimalist dress with patent accessories as well as feather jewelry
    • ribbed knit dress with a statement piece accessory as well as a fake fur accessory
    • a blouse with huge puffy sleeves and a knife pleat skirt
    • black and yellow miniskirt with match racerback tank top that has zippers embellishment, worn with high-heel strappy shoes
    • shift dress or apron dress and flats
    • pleated skirt with chenille or velvet blouse
  • On casual days, what do you prefer to wear?

    • light and long maxi dress in pink or floral print as well as a huge pink wide brim sunhat
    • mesh tank tops or sheer blouses with a jumpsuit
    • boxy clothes with muted hues because you love comfort
    • white slip dress with sheer black lace as well as strappy sandals as well as a pleather accessory
    • a 90s-style rocker chic outfit with a Hawaiian print jacket and large floppy bow
    • cargo pants, racerback tank top, and mesh tank top
    • boyfriend jeans or white denim pants with tank top, shirt, and scarf
    • nautical-themed outfit with a 2-color scheme
  • You are going to work. What do you wear?

    • wrap blouse with voluminous sleeves and ruffles, worn with a mid-calf length flowing skirt and ballet flats
    • classic trousers with patchwork, striped knit blouse, pleather gloves, short boots with metal toes, and a unique briefcase purse
    • apron dress worn over a sheer blouse in a muted hue as well as loafers
    • plaid suit in black and white with red platform shoes
    • monochromatic white outfit, which includes white fedora, oxfords, purse, and jewelry
    • Olive green jumpsuit, olive green camisole, and mesh hoodie, fedora, and flats
    • khaki pants, open shirt, camisole, loose vest, and light jacket as well as a flat cap
    • khaki pants, horizontal striped blouse, and bomber jacket with loafers
  • What was your childhood dream career?

    • Marry a white collared man and be his housewife
    • Writer, Novelist, Reporter, or Journalist
    • Graphic Designer, Photographer, or Painter
    • Actress, Model, Politician, Puppet, Media Personality, or Musician
    • Independent writer, blogger, starving artist, Youtube filmmaker, or online business/entrepreneur
    • Web Developer, Web Designer, or Animated Filmmaker
    • Open your own Art Studio
    • Charity Fundraiser Events
  • What is your dream location to live?

    • cottage in Ireland
    • modern house in Los Angeles
    • Artsy Apartment in New York City
    • Townhouse in Washington DC
    • Villas in Internet Virtual Reality World
    • Vegan Activist in Spain
    • Art Studio in Chicago
    • Beach House in The OC
  • What is your favorite vacation spot?

    • UK Adventure, backpacking through Scotland, Ireland, and England
    • West LA Movie Stars Tours
    • Manhattan Landmarks Sightseeing Walking Tours
    • Historical Landmarks Adventure in Washington DC and Virginia
    • Escape to virtual reality worlds and design your own internet vacation
    • Backpacking through Spain, checking out major cities
    • City Life in Chicago Adventure
    • Hang out at different OC beaches as well as Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm
  • Favorite Accessory:

    • accessories with flower embellishments and pale colors
    • unique handbags that have a rocker influence
    • accessories with feathers
    • fur, leather, and red accent items
    • large floppy and relaxed bow for décor
    • mesh accessories
    • baseball cap with Made in the USA as its logo
    • hoop earrings and nautical-theme items
  • Favorite Shoes:

    • white slingback two-inch heels or kitten-heel mules with pretty and dainty flower embellishments
    • short boots with metal toes
    • accessories that make a statement, such as bucket tote
    • choker and cuff with metal spikes
    • pleather moto vest or belt with metal spikes and studs
    • crossbody purse
    • envelope clutch with some sparkly gems
    • patent accessories

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  1. This was tough for me, I kept looking for the none of the above answers. Not many of the answers applied to me. #2 Shorts and tank top, or if it is cold jeans, long underwear, t-shirt and heavy coat. Number 3: I wear jeans and a grooming smock that is waterproof, leather shoes to protect my feet from the scissors I keep throwing on the ground by accident. Number 4: My dream career was working with animals at a zoo, or being a Mermaid at Sea World. My Dream Location is a beach shack on a small tropical island. My Dream Vacation would be Jamaica or any tropical place away from cities. Regardless I got: Alexander McQueen Brand. lol


    • For male fashions, the Nina Ricci Brand about modern, minimalism, and simplicity, which looks futuristic, almost like robot. You often receive the compliment, “You look like an modern art sculpture in art museum!”


    • For a man, this style might indicate that you are a romantic man who loves feminine women that wear lots of ruffles, lace, pastel colors and long flowing dresses as well as women with long hair. You are likely to romance them with picnics, poetry, and long strolls amidst nature.


  2. You got: Alexander McQueen Brand

    Alexander McQueen Brand is about soft, flowing and feminine clothes, which indicates that you are a romantic woman that loves ruffles, lace, pastels, and long hair. You love picnics and long strolls amidst nature.


  3. J Crew Brand

    J. Crew is basic and simple American style, which is for the no-fuss woman who prefers to just dress in five minutes and go on her way. She is active, practical, and very simple. She wears minimal makeup and jewelry because they just get in the way of things. Her purses include large totes, messenger bag, or small wallet purses as well as maybe a carry-on suitcase for light travelling.


    • In Male Fashion terms: “J. Crew is basic and simple American Style for the no-fuss man who prefers to just dress in five minutes without even looking in the mirror and sometimes dressing in the dark. He is active, practical, and a very simple jock. He wears minimal cologne and aftershave because he prefers the Don Johnson facial buzz. He doesn’t even wear jewelry, except maybe for a waterproof and multifunctional watch. His bags include backpack, messenger bag, or just his wallet as well as a carry-on for light traveling worldwide to his many business trips.


  4. I am not familiar with Alexander McQueen, I’ll have to look that up. Normally I’ll just throw on anything really. Mainly it’s Simply Vera or something from Macy’s, JCPenney’s or New York and Co. I’ve added in some American Eagle and simple t-shirts. I love Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren!



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