How Deep Is Latin In Our Legal Address?

Latin has found itself deeply in our law that learned friends can rarely speak without the Latin phrases.

Here are a few for your perusal. Welcome to the quiz. Bon voyage.

  • Question of

    Amicus curiae

    • A friend of the court
    • A person of high esteem
    • Court clerk
    • A sworn paper
  • Question of

    Actus reus

    • That point
    • That evidence
    • A guilty act
    • An innocent act
  • Question of

    Animus nocendi

    • Not acceptable
    • False evidence
    • Human error
    • Intention to harm
  • Question of

    Bona vacanta

    • Owners goods
    • Ownerless goods
    • Goods in question
    • Contentious goods
  • Question of

    Caveat emptor

    • The case is nullified
    • Observers should agree
    • Let the buyer beware
    • Let the seller beware
  • Question of

    Contra legem

    • Against the law
    • Not good evidence
    • Against the case
    • Against evidence
  • Question of

    De die in diem

    • From day to month
    • From day to day
    • From the frying pan to the fire
    • From day one to tenth day
  • Question of

    De minimis

    • About small beginnings and big ends
    • About nothing
    • About big things
    • About the smallest things


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Written by stbrians