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Darlo’s News Quiz #2 (1/9/17)

How much attention have you been paying to domestic and international events during the last few days? When the TV news was on, was it a case of “in one ear, out the other”? Or are you a news junkie? Take this quiz and find out!

This is the second in a series which I may continue depending on uptake and feedback. So please share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks 🙂

  • Question of

    Mr Trump ruled out withdrawing US troops from which country?

    • Afghanistan
    • Iraq
    • Syria
  • Question of

    Canada’s ambassador to Ireland is concerned about the presence of these in his residence.

    • Listening devices
    • Radon gas
    • Ghosts
  • Question of

    Since taking office in May, new French president Emmanuel Macron has racked up bill of €26,000 (more than $30,000) for what?

    • Overseas travel
    • Make-up
    • Magazine subscriptions
  • Question of

    In which country did the king join in a popular march against terrorism?

    • Spain
    • Thailand
    • Belgium
  • Question of

    The UK’s only female ___ is believed to be pregnant

    • Cabinet minister
    • Train driver
    • Panda
  • Question of

    Everyone’s on first-name terms with Harvey, but can you name the typhoon that has caused several deaths in southern China?

    • Toha
    • Hato
    • Hota
  • Question of

    Which country is about to launch the world’s fastest train, at a top speed of 350 km/h (220 mph)?

    • China
    • South Korea
    • Japan
  • Question of

    Vintage rapper Eminem is planning on moving permanently to where?

    • Cayman Islands
    • Jersey
    • Scotland
  • Question of

    Which Swedish principle, with its virtue of moderation and balance, has been crowned the next ‘it word’ by the likes of Vogue and ELLE?

    • Hygge
    • Lagom
    • Gemütlichkeit
  • Question of

    The spouse of which country’s leader has controversially claimed diplomatic immunity to avoid an assault charge in a neighbouring state?

    • Philippines
    • Pakistan
    • Zimbabwe
  • Question of

    The United Arab Emirates has arrested and jailed two Singaporeans for a year, for what?

    • Cross-dressing
    • Distilling hooch
    • Having Israeli stamps in their passports
  • Question of

    Australian Glen Donnelly jumped nude from a plane on his 30th birthday. What did he do on the way down?

    • Danced the Highland Fling
    • Counted downwards from 10,000
    • Played the violin


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