Dare you take my zombie quiz?!?

So you think you have the brains to pass my zombie quiz? There’s only one way to find out who is going to survive the zombie apocalypse and who is going to end up zombie chow…

There is a section on general knowledge, zombies in popular culture and zombies in other cultures. That’s a lot to jam into a single quiz but it is a zombie quiz, so you should’ve expected to get mobbed. I’ve also finally done results, so you might want to take the quiz a few times to see what happens

  • Question of

    zobmis originated from

    • Haiti
    • Kongo
    • Brasil
    • Western Pennsylvania
  • Question of

    according to popular belief, the only way to stop a zombie is to…

    • Shoot it with a silver bullet
    • Stake it through the heart
    • Destroy its brain
    • Insult its mother
  • Question of

    which of the following are ways purported to turn humans into zombies?

    • cursed by a bokor
    • viral outbreak
    • cosmic radiation via comet
    • all of the above
  • Question of

    This famous Konami title was a survival/horror game about zombies

    • Silent Hill
    • Katamari Damacy
    • Metal Gear Solid
    • Resident Evil
  • Question of

    in China, the Jiangshi (hopping ghosts) must rest when…

    • they hear a rooster crow
    • a taoist spell is affixed to its forehead
    • both of the above
    • nothing can stop the Jaingshi
  • Question of

    Robert E Howard wrote about a female zombie in

    • Whistle Past the Graveyard
    • Pigeons from Hell
    • Down by the Bayou
    • he never wrote about zombies, only Conan!
  • Question of

    Which of the following H.P.Lovecraft stories did not contain zombies?

    • Cool Air
    • Herbert West- Reanimator
    • The Dunwich Horror
    • In the Vault
  • Question of

    The author of this quiz is actually a zombie

    • True
    • False


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