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Curtains thy name is glamour

Although curtains are put up for practical purposes – for privacy and to keep the sun away – colourful curtains matching the decor of a house does enhance the look of a room.  Each room will have their own colour schemes and so will the curtain to go with that room decor. 

Curtains come in different styles and choosing styles does reflect the owner’s personality.  Some want it plain, some go for reams and reams some go for unique patterns.  There is a never ending list of styles. 

This quiz is all about styles.  You just have to name them.  Go for it. 

  • Question of

    This curtain has pleats. What is this curtain known as?

    • Ring pleats
    • Goblet pleats
    • Smock pleats
  • Question of

    Would love to have this curtain – unique indeed

    • Shadow curtain
    • Silhouette Curtain
    • Shade curtain
  • Question of

    Here is yet another pleated curtain

    • American block out pleated curtain
    • Catalina block out pleated curtain
    • Semolina block out pleated curtain
  • Question of

    Pleated curtains seem to be in demand. Here is yet another

    • Ringlets curtain
    • Eyelet curtain
    • Broad pleats curtain
  • Question of

    There you go again Yet another pleated curtain

    • German pleat window curtain
    • All purpose window curtain
    • American pleat window curtain
  • Question of

    Here we have a see through curtain

    • String curtain
    • Thread curtain
    • See through curtain
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    These are box pleats

    • Reversed box pleats
    • Broad box pleats
    • Inverted box pleats
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    These curtains are used outside your home

    • Operation Theatre Curtain
    • Theatre Curtain
    • Drama Curtains


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