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CSI Quiz 2019!

We have an update on this notorious gang of jewel thieves. 

The object of this quiz is to find the post with a photo in it in the Challenges section titled , “CSI Game Photograph Inside 2019 Update!”, and try to remember everything you can about the photo. Then come back here and answer these 20 questions.


1.   Find the post in the Challenges Section titled, CSI Game Photograph Inside 2019 Update!

2.   Look closely at the photo, take note on the tiniest detail. What time of day it was, what people were wearing etc. TRY to remember all you can about the single photo.

3.   Come back here and answer these simple questions.

4.   Have Fun!  

  • What time of year was it?

    • Summer
    • Winter
  • Was it early morning or around noon?

    • early morning
    • around noon
  • Where were they?

    • At the base of a mountain.
    • On a mountain top.
    • On the top of a canyon.
    • In the bottom of a canyon.
  • How many people were there?

    • 2 men, and one woman.
    • 2 women, and one man.
    • 3 men
    • 1 man, and one woman.
  • What were they doing?

    • Sitting on a log in the shade.
    • One person was sitting on a log, the other two were standing.
    • Two people were sitting on a log, one person was standing.
    • All six people were standing…..
  • What kind of pants were they wearing?

    • Long
    • Shorts
    • None
  • Who was NOT wearing any shoes?

    • The woman
    • The man standing
    • The man sitting
    • They were all wearing shoes
  • There was one woman, what kind of shirt was she wearing?

    • None
    • Sleeveless
    • Short sleeves
    • Long sleeves
  • Both of the men were wearing ______________ shirts.

    • No
    • Sleeveless
    • Short Sleeves
    • Long Sleeves
  • What color shirt did the sitting man have on?

    • Grey
    • White
    • Purple
  • What color of shirt did the standing man have on?

    • Grey
    • White
    • Red
  • What color of shirt was she wearing?

    • Grey
    • White
    • Purple
  • Did any of the shirts have a logo?

    • Yes, 1.
    • Yes, 2.
    • Yes, 3.
    • No
  • What color was the standing man’s Logo?

    • Green and Yellow
    • Blue and Black
    • Red and White
    • Pink and Purple
  • What shape was the logo?

    • Circle
    • Square
    • Diamond
    • Oval
    • Octagon
  • One person was wearing a back pack. Who?

    • The woman
    • The man standing
    • The man sitting
  • Which one was not wearing sun glasses?

    • The woman
    • The man standing
    • The man sitting
  • What was the man standing holding in his hand?

    • A gun
    • A machete or large knife
    • A phone
    • A flower
  • Was the trail well traveled?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Where were they coming back from?

    • A night on the town!
    • Swimming at the beach!
    • The hide away cave.
    • New York where the last heist took place.

What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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