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Crazy Color Challenge The Orange Quiz

Instead of putting in many photos of orange things I just posted them all here. This is just a fun quiz for you to enjoy. You’ll see the photo and then you’ll choose the right answer to let me know what that orange thing is.

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    Everyone enjoys this fruit. Either by eating it or by drinking its juice.

    • banana
    • orange
    • lemon
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    This is a dangerous element unless you are having a campfire or barbecue or enjoying a fireplace.

    • fire
    • snow
    • flames
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    Everyone enjoys carving these on Halloween.

    • turnip
    • coconut
    • pumpkin
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    Dangerous animals but they sure look gorgeous.

    • tiger
    • lion
    • monkey
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    You eat them for healthy eyes. They can be eaten cooked or raw.

    • zucchini
    • broccoli
    • carrots
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    Some people play for fun and some for sport with this ball.

    • baseball
    • basketball
    • tennis ball
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    These are really lovely at the end of each day.

    • late sun
    • afternoon sun
    • sunset
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    This is a very popular cartoon character.

    • Sylvester
    • Tony the Tiger
    • Garfield
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    Many people love to snack on these.

    • cheetos
    • potato chips
    • fritos
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    Always have one around when you want to write something.

    • pen
    • #2 pencil
    • color pencil
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    They are so beautiful when they fly about.

    • Monarch butterfly
    • sun butterfly
    • orange butterfly
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    These lovely flowers look so nice when the bloom in the autumn.

    • daisies
    • marigolds
    • carnations


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