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Crazy Color Challenge – Singing Green Songs

I know this is at the end of the green challenge but I did not have time before to do this. So take a look and see if you know the names of these songs that all have to do with green. Enjoy the quiz and have fun.

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    This was a song by America and it involved a monkey and guess what color the monkey was? So what is the name of this song?

    • Land of Green Monkeys
    • Green Monkey
    • Monkey Goes Green
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    O.C. Smith sang an interesting song telling us that there were no such things in which we believed in and the God didn’t make what? What is the name of this song?

    • Little Green Apples
    • Apples of Green
    • Green Appletrees
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    The Lemon Pipers came out with this delightful song and one of the instruments they played is in the photo. What is the name of the song?

    • Green Instruments
    • Playing with Green
    • Green Tambourine
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    Tom Jones sang a very sad but beautiful song about a prisoner who dreams of going home again. What does he want to see at home?

    • Blade of Green Grass
    • Green Grass of Home
    • Take Me to the Green Grass
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    A delightful song was sung by a green frog named Kermit. What was the song?

    • Froggy Is Green
    • Being Green
    • Green Me
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    Kenny G sang a song about a lady with an unusual name. In the photo you see a shirt that should give you some clue to the song. What was it called?

    • Greensleeves
    • Lady Greensleeves
    • Green of My Sleeves
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    Creedence Clearwater Revival were traveling up this river what is the name of it?

    • Traveling on Green
    • Memories of the Green River
    • Green River
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    Sugarloaf sang a song about a lady with a certain color eyes. What is the song?

    • Lady With Green Eyes
    • Green-Eyed Lady
    • Lady Green
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    Steeley Dan sang about certain jewelry. What was the song?

    • Pair of Green Earrings
    • Green Earrings
    • Earrings of Green


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