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Crazy Color Challenge – Singing a Brown Song

Just enjoy the quiz and all the brown things and songs and have fun.

  • Question of

    Van Morrison sang about this kind of girl

    • Girl With Brown Eyes
    • Brown-Eyed Girl
    • Brown Eyes
  • Question of

    The Rolling Stones liked it sweet

    • Brown Sugar
    • Sugar of Brown
    • My Brown Sugar
  • Question of

    Elton John sang a very interesting song that included a cowboy

    • Brown Hatted Cowboys
    • Cowboys with Brownhats
    • CaptainFantasticandthe
    • DirtBrownCowboy
  • Question of

    Bony M had a hit with this popular song

    • Brown Girl in the Ring
    • Brown Girl
    • Sweet Brown Girl
  • Question of

    Quincy Jones sang about a shoe

    • Shoe of Brown
    • Brown Soft Shoe
    • Shoe Brown
  • Question of

    The Supremes had an interesting song with this one. Nothing to do with the bear but I needed a photo.

    • Brown View
    • Brown Days
    • When Can BrownBegin
  • Question of

    Peggy Lee sang about a bird

    • A Brown Bird
    • A Brown Bird Singing
    • Sing Brown Bird
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    Trace Adkins sang about two animals

    • BrownChickenBrownCow
    • Both Brown
    • Brown Farm Animals


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