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Crazy Color Challenge – Sing a Yellow Song

This is my response to the yellow color challenge. just a fun quiz with photos of what the song is about. The artist is mentioned and you have to guess which songs I am referring to. Just enjoy and have fun.

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    This song was recorded by Woody Guthrie. He sings about using this to color with.

    • Color Me Yellow
    • My Yellow Crayon
    • Yellow Crayons
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    Elton John sings this song It is one of his hits. The song has always reminded me of the movie “The Wizard of OZ”

    • Down the Yellow Path
    • Yellow Garden Path
    • Yellow Brick Road
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    No artist is mentioned for this song because it is a well-known song about Texas and has been covered by many artists.

    • Yellow Rose of Texas
    • Texas Yellow Roses
    • Yellow Garden Roses in Texas
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    Brian Hyland had a big hit with this song in the 1960s. It makes one think of beaches.

    • Yellow Bikinis
    • ItsyBitsyYellowPolkaDotBikini
    • Bikinis in Yellow
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    A very popular song by The Beatles. It makes you want to go under the sea.

    • Yellow Scuba Divers
    • Yellow Fishing Boats
    • Yellow Submarine
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    The duo of Jan and Dean brought back childhood with this song.

    • Yellow Balloon
    • Yellow Childhood Toys
    • Yellow Bubbles
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    Christie sang about people sitting on the shores of this river.

    • River of Yellow
    • Yellow River
    • Yellow Colored River
  • Question of

    Tony Orlando and Dawn tied these around oak trees

    • Oaks With Yellow Ribbons
    • Yellow Ribbons in Oaks
    • TieaYellowRibbonRoundtheOldOakTree
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    Charlie Rich sang a country song about a field full of these flowers.

    • AFieldFullofYellowDaisies
    • Yellow Daisy Fields
    • Yellow Daisies
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    Donovan sang this song and became quite mellow.

    • Mellow In Yellow
    • Yellow and Mellow
    • Mellow Yellow
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    The Scorpions sang about these flying about.

    • Butterfly Is Yellow
    • Yellow Butterfly
    • Fly Yellow Butterfly
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    Three Dog Night took this to the beach

    • Yellow Beach Umbrella
    • Umbrellas in Yellow
    • Yellow On the Beach


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