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Crazy Color Challenge – Sing a Silver Song

As promised I am here with silver songs. Silver is one of the hardest to find in song titles. Don’t worry if you don’t know the songs just enjoy and have fun with this quiz.

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    Jeff Beck sings about this kind of lining that sometimes clouds have

    • Hi Ho Silver Lining
    • Silver Lining
    • Clouds of Silver
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    The Beatles sang about this man and his tool

    • Silver Hammer Man
    • Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
    • Silver Hammer and Max
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    The Rolling Stones were informing everyone that they had silver

    • Silver Toys
    • Silver Things for You
    • You Got the Silver
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    David Soul sang about this kind of lady

    • Silver Lady
    • Lady of Silver
    • Silver
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    Burl Ives had a popular song with this hit

    • Silver Money
    • Silver and Gold
    • Silver With Gold
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    The Doobie Brothers sang about the most unusual kind of eyes

    • SIlver Looking Eyes
    • Silver Look
    • Eyes of Silver
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    KISS sang about being born with this utensil

    • Silver Spoon
    • Born With Silver Spoon
    • Spoons of Silver
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    Bruce Springsteen sang about a horse of another color

    • Horse of Silver
    • Silver Palomino
    • Silver Rider
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    Jim Reeves has a sentimental song with this hit

    • Crying Silver Tears
    • Tears Of Silver
    • Golden Memories
    • and Silver Tears
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    Mike Nesmith had a pretty song about this celestial orb

    • Silver Moon
    • Silvery Moon
    • Moon of Silver


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