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Crazy Color Challenge – Sing a Purple Song

Here we go I hope you know these purple songs. Have fun with the photos and the descriptions.

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    Prince sang a song about rain and it was a different kind of rain than we know

    • Singing in Purple Rain
    • Purple Rain
    • Rain of Purple
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    Jimi Hendrix sang about a certain kind of confusion in a specific color

    • Purple Haze
    • Hazy Purple
    • Through Purple Haze
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    When this song came out it warned people to be careful of this kind of thing that supposedly ate people

    • Purple Monster
    • Purple People Eater
    • Being Purple
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    A kind of dreamy song was sung by Nino Tempo and April Stevens

    • Purple Dream
    • Sing of Purple
    • Deep Purple
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    The Who sang about a very strange kind of man

    • Dressing in Purple
    • A Man In a Purple Dress
    • Dressing Purple
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    Van Morrison sang about this lovely flower

    • Purple Dream
    • Purple Bush
    • Purple Heather
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    Frank Zappa liked to sail into a certain lagoon

    • Purple Ocean
    • Purple Lagoon
    • Purple River
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    Doris Day must have been seeing things singing this song

    • Purple Cow
    • Cow of Purple
    • Purple Cow Song
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    A song reminding us of a tasty fruit

    • Purple Fruit
    • Purple Grapes
    • Grape Song
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    Jerry Vale sang about these kind of shadows

    • Shadows in Purple
    • See Purple
    • Two Purple Shadows


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