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Crazy Color Challenge – Sing a Pink Song

Starting you off on the new week when the colors are going to be pastel. Of pastel colors I chose pink and here is a fun quiz with photos and songs with pink in the title. If you have any suggestions about other pastel colors please let me know in the comments.

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    A lovely song for the springtime sung by Pat Boone about wonderful cherry and apple trees.

    • Pink Cherry Trees and Apple Trees
    • CherryPinkandAppleBlossomWhite
    • Cherry Pink Blossoms
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    Wouldn’t you want to sing a song and live in a house like this that John Mellencamp sings about?

    • Pink Houses
    • House of Pink
    • Painted Pink House
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    Aerosmith simply sings about the color. The horse has nothing to do with the song.

    • Look At Pink
    • Pink Things
    • Pink
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    Henry Mancini wrote a great theme song for the original movie titled by the character you see in the photo.

    • Pink Panther Theme
    • Pink Panther Song
    • Pink Panther Tune
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    Marty Robbins song has always been one you can really sing along to and remember the words. The answer is divided into two parts because the title was so long.

    • Pink Carnation Song
    • A WhiteSportcoatand
    • a Pink Carnation
    • Happy Carnation Song
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    Bruce Springsteen sang about an unusually colored car.

    • Pink Cadillac
    • No
    • Cadillac in Pink
    • The Pink Cadillac
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    An Irish song to get your feet tapping and you dancing about an unusual character

    • Pink Lady
    • Lily the Pink
    • Pink Irish Lass
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    Disney took on the subject of what happens when you drink way too much in the movie Dumbo

    • PinkElephantsOnParade
    • Dancing Pink Elephants
    • Flying Pink Elephants
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    Another interesting song about a pair of shoes with unusual shoelaces sung by Dodie Stevens

    • Pink Shoes and Laces
    • TanShoesWithPinkShoelaces
    • Pink Shoelaces
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    The Big Bopper sang about some ladies underwear that was worn a long time ago

    • Pink Frills
    • Pink Slips
    • Pink Petticoats
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    This last just had to be added. Are you one or not? It was sung by Max Bygraves

    • Pink Toothbrushes
    • Be a Pink Toothbrush
    • You’re a Pink Toothbrush


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