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Crazy Color Challenge – Sing a Gold Song

Here we go songs with gold in the title. Just enjoy and have fun with these.

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    Neil Young had a big hit with this song

    • Heart of Gold
    • Golden Heart
    • Heart and Gold
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    Fleetwood Mac and this kind of dust

    • Dusty Gold
    • Gold Dust
    • Sprinkling of Gold
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    Freda Payne has a big hit with this song

    • Golden Band
    • Gold Ring
    • Band of Gold
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    America had a hit with a song about this kind of woman

    • Sister Golden Hair
    • Hair of Gold
    • Goldilocks
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    The Yeah Yeah Yeahs sang about this animal

    • Gold Lion
    • Lion of Gold
    • Golden Lion
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    Elvis sang a country song about this celestial orb

    • Golden Moon
    • WhenMyMoon
    • TurnstoGoldAgain
    • Moon of Gold
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    Tina Turner sang for Bond

    • Gold Eyes
    • Eyes of Gold
    • Golden Eye
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    Another memorable Bond song from long ago

    • Golden Touch
    • Goldfinger theme
    • Gold Hand


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