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Crazy Color Challenge – Sing a Blue Song

Here I go again with songs that have blue in the title. You know what you have to do by now. Look and the photo and read the description and decide what the title of the song is. Enjoy and have fun.

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    Bobby Goldsboro sang about one of the season and he called the season a particular color

    • Autumn Leaves of Blue
    • Blue Autumn
    • Blue Leaves
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    Badfinger had a hit song with what you see in the photo plus the name of the color

    • Baby Blue
    • Babies of Blue
    • Blue Blanket Babies
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    Bic Runga doesn’t sing about the usual color of this place in the photo. The title of her song is

    • Blue Skies
    • Skies of Blue
    • My Blue Heaven
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    Dean Martin sang about purchasing roses for a certain kind of lady

    • RedRosesForaBlueLady
    • A RedRose and a BlueLady
    • Lady in Blue
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    Neil Diamond said he would rather always be wearing these

    • Blue Jeans Always
    • Forever in Blue Jeans
    • My Blue Jeans
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    Willie Nelson remembered eyes of a certain color that were very sad

    • Crying Blue Eyes
    • Sad Blue Eyes
    • BlueEyesCryingIntheRain
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    Paul Mauriat sang about a sad kind of love

    • Love Is Blue
    • Blue Love
    • My Blue Love
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    Linda Ronstadt longed to go back to a place in Louisiana

    • Blue River
    • Blue Bayou
    • Bayou and Blue
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    Elvis liked certain kind of shoes

    • Shoes of Blue
    • Blue Shoes
    • Blue Suede Shoes
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    Tommy James and the Shondells sang an interesting song about being persuaded

    • Crystal Blue Persuasion
    • Blue Persuasion
    • Crystal on Blue
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    Elton John liked the color of these eyes

    • Mary Blue Eyes
    • Eyes of Blue
    • Blue Eyes
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    The Marcells sang about this kind of moon

    • Blue Moon
    • Moon of Blue
    • My Bluer Moon


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