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Crazy Alphabet Challenge ~ Words with the letter K quiz

For the Letter K in the Crazy Alphabet challenge, here is a quiz to test your knowledge on vocabulary starting with the letter K.  Select the correct partial meaning to the word in the question. If you don’t know, take your best guess. Have fun.

  • Knickerbockers

    • A type of candy
    • A type of boxing event
    • An type of clothing
  • kaleidoscope

    • A medical instrument
    • An optical instrument
    • A celestial shower
  • Kleptocratic

    • A pick pocket
    • A game
    • A corrupt government
  • Kalanchoe

    • Tropical succulent
    • A country
    • A clothing item
  • Kazillion

    • A mountainous region
    • A super large number
    • A type of currency
  • Kaolin

    • White clay
    • A music instrument
    • A karate move
  • Kaiser

    • A type of bread or roll
    • Emperor or Ruler
    • All of the above
  • Kaboom

    • A hot air balloon
    • A hole in the ground
    • An explosion
  • Keel

    • A type of fish
    • Fall over
    • A body part
  • Kemp

    • A herb
    • A type of fiber
    • A scratch

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