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Cooking Chinese style

Many people enjoy eating Chinese food as either takeout or making it at home. Let’s see how many Chinese dishes you know. Take a look at the photo and the description of the food and choose the right name for the dish. 

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    This Chinese dish is also very popular all across northern India. These are small bite-sized rounds that have been filled with meat or veggies and are steamed. They are great to have as snacks.

    • Dim Sum
    • Chinese Nibblets
    • Savory Dumplings
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    This is a bowl of soup that will really warm you. It is quite spicy with a tart taste and consists of cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, and spicy red pepper and a touch of vinegar.

    • Spicy Soup
    • Hot and Sour Soup
    • Tart and Tangy Soup
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    This Chinese dish comes from the Sichuan region. It is full of spices and aromatic with brown pepper, red chilies, ginger, green chillies, white pepper and added to chicken

    • Chicken With Spice
    • Chili Hot Bite Chicken
    • Szechwan Chili Chicken
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    These appetizers are a great way for you to eat your veggies. You’ll find shredded veggies wrapped up in thin sheets and then fried golden brown. They are great when served with a tangy dip.

    • Veggie Rolls
    • Spring Rolls
    • Rolls of Spring
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    This is a tasty stir-fry that includes oriental sauces and tofu. It is aromatic with spices and served with white or fried rice.

    • Stir Fried Tofu with Rice
    • Rice and Tofu Stir-Fry
    • Fried Rice Tofu Fry
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    This is a healthy kind of rice recipe full of water chestnuts and special mushrooms. It can be served with hot garlic sauce.

    • Water Chestnuts and Mushrooms
    • Shitake Fried Rice with Water Chestnuts
    • Fried Rice Water Chestnuts
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    The chicken is combined with stir-fried mushroom, water chestnuts and radish. Some of the sauces that can be used are date puree, fish sauce, or soy sauce.

    • Chestnut Stir-fry
    • Chestnut Chicken
    • Chicken with Chestnuts
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    This is just the right balance of sweet and spicy potatoes that have been tossed with different spices and sauces.

    • Potatoes Sweet Chili
    • Honey Chili Potato
    • Sweet Chili Potatoes
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    This dish provides many different veggies such as Chinese cabbage, chestnuts, mushrooms, and tossed in a bean sauce with honey as a sweetener.

    • Wok Tossed Veggies in Honey and Black Bean Glaze
    • Honey Sweetened Veggies
    • Veggies in Wok
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    This dish includes chicken and a fiery kind of sauce. The boneless chicken chunks are marinated in various spices and then grilled.

    • Satay of Chicken
    • Fiery Chicken
    • Peri Peri Chicken Satay
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    This is a tasty and heartwarming soup with chicken, bok choy, mushrooms, and spring onions.

    • Cantonese Chicken Soup
    • Bok Choy Soup
    • Chicken and Bok Choy
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    Chicken is combined with different sauces, herbs and spices and includes plenty of garlic as well as soy sauce.

    • Chicken With Soy
    • Soy Spiced Chicken
    • Garlic Soya Chicken


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