Complicated Bible Reasoning?

Some biblical reasoning is only easier understood by the faithfuls. Others may find it real hard. Nobody should ever take it for granted. One needs the revelation of the holy spirit.

Try this quiz. Bon voyage.

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    What washes cleaner than even the strongest detergent?

    • Blood
    • Sin
    • The cross
    • The devil
  • Question of

    What important function did the cross serve?

    • To crucify Jesus
    • To wash sins
    • To bridge the gap created by sin
    • To justify sinners
  • Question of

    Why the virgin birth?

    • Some fun
    • Taking miracles to a higher level
    • Just a process
    • To produce a flawless sacrificial lamb
  • Question of

    Why the second birth?

    • Because it is an impossibility
    • For spiritual direction and finally resurrection.
    • Biological function
    • The christian mirth
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    What symbolism is Abraham’s attempt to sacrifice Isaac?

    • Faith
    • Love
    • Jesus’ sacrificial
    • Justice
  • Question of

    Young Moses was placed in a significant….

    • Ark
    • Basket
    • Bag
    • Boat
  • Question of

    The bronze snake in the wilderness signified…

    • Moses
    • Elijah
    • Jesus
    • Noah
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    What signified Jesus Christ when Moses was hidden when he requested to see God?

    • Earthquake
    • Wind
    • Water
    • Rock


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