Some Common Mistakes in English Grammar – Part 1

At times, there are sentences in the English language, that we get confused with and do the funniest blunders. Well, it can happen to anyone. These mistakes can be related to the entire structure of the sentence or a part thereof. It can be related to verbs, or to words that depict numbers like a pair (2), a dozen (12), etc.

So, let’s move on and start the game.

  • Question of


    • Stuart bought three dozen notebooks.
    • Stuart bought three dozens notebooks.
  • Question of


    • My scissors are lost. Did you find?
    • My scissor is lost. Did you find?
  • Question of


    • The Diwali vacations will start in India soon.
    • The Diwali vacation will start in India soon.
  • Question of


    • Who’s that blonde? Her hairs are very beautiful.
    • Who’s that blonde? Her hair is very beautiful.
  • Question of

    Mile (Denoting distance)

    • The marathon is a 26 mile race.
    • The marathon is a 26 miles race.
  • Question of


    • The sceneries of Switzerland are breathtaking.
    • The scenery of Switzerland is breathtaking.
  • Question of


    • England scored 389 runs in the first innings.
    • England scored 389 runs in the first inning.
  • Question of


    • I’m going to buy three pairs of trousers.
    • I’m going to buy three pair of trousers.


What do you think?

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  1. As a native speaker, I would never say, “Three Pair Of Trousers”. Of course I realise that the grammar differs slightly in Indian English from European English, so perhaps that holds the explanation.

    Also, I’m curious about “Mile (Denoting distance)”. What other kind of mile is there?

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