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Christmas Traditions Around the World

There are many different Christmas traditions all over the world and some are very unusual. In this quiz, I have described the tradition and added a photo. You just have to decide which country this tradition is from.

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    The Giant Lantern Festival is held every year on the Saturday before Christmas Eve in the city of San Fernando. The city is considered to be the Christmas capital of its country. People from everywhere come to participate. Eleven villages compete in the festival for the most elaborate lantern built. All the lanterns are illuminated by electric bulbs.

    • The Philippines
    • China
    • Taiwan
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    Gavle Goat is a 13-meter-tall Yule Goat that is built in the center of Gavel’s Castle Square for the Advent. This became a tradition of this country and another tradition spring from it the burning down of the goat and this was done successfully 29 times.

    • Sweden
    • Finland
    • Denmark
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    In this country a beast-like creature roams city streets scaring and punishing bad kids. It is St. Nicholas’ evil accomplice Krampus. The tradition in this country is that St. Nicholas reward the good kids and Krampus captures the naughty ones taking them away in his sack. In the first week of December young men dress up like Krampus and frighten children with bells and clattering chains.

    • Poland
    • Austria
    • Italy
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    This country is not big on Christmas celebrations but a new and unusual tradition has spring up, It is that the Christmas Day feast comes from Kentucky Fried Chicken. The KFC of this country have a festive menu that includes Christmas-themed buckets and a premium roast chicken feast.

    • Thailand
    • Japan
    • Nepal
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    In the 13 days that lead up to Christmas 13 tricky troll-like characters come out to play, They are known as the Yule Lads and the visit the children all over the country. Every night of this Yuletide children place their best shoes by the window. A different Yule Lad visits and leaves gifts for the good ones and rotting potatoes for the bad, The Yule Lads all have very odd names.

    • Scotland
    • Belgium
    • Iceland
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    On the night of December 6 Nikolaus travels by donkey in the middle of the night, He leave behind many different treat put in the shoes of good children all over the country. He visits children in schools or at home exchanging sweets or small presents for the poem or song or drawn picture the children give him. Another character known as Knecht Ruprecht carries a stick or small whip to punish children who misbehave.

    • Germany
    • Spain
    • France
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    In this country people hide their brooms on Christmas Eve, The traditions date back centuries when people thought that witches and evil spirits came out on Christmas Eve looking for brooms to ride on, The brooms are hidden so they won’t be stolen.

    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Norway
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    In this country on Christmas Eve people go to church in the morning on their roller skates or blades. Since this tradition has become so popular the roads are closed to cars. The people return home from church for a Christmas dinner of tamales.

    • Argentina
    • Venezuela
    • Columbia
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    Little Candles’ Day marks the start of the Christmas season all across this country, In honor of the Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception people place candles and paper lanterns in their windows, on balconies, and front yards. Towns and cities are all lit up with elaborate displays.

    • Chile
    • Columbia
    • Panama
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    The annual Cavalcade of Lights marks the official start to the holiday season in Toronto, Ontario, The Square and Christmas tree are lit up by over 300,000 LED lights that shine from dusk to 11 PM until the New Year.

    • Mexico
    • The U.S.
    • Canada


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