Chinese Superstitions and taboos Quiz

Seems to have a large “set” of taboos compared to others.

So if you’re planning to travel to an Asian/Chinese country or going to meet your Chinese in-laws, it’ll be good to take this quiz to test your knowledge about the taboos and superstitions.

  • Why you should never place a mirror at the end of your bed?

    • Your evil twin (reflection) will kill you in your sleep.
    • It’ll suck your soul away.
    • The mirror will crack.
  • Why you should never leave your chopsticks sticking vertically out of your rice bowl?

    • Spirits will think its offerings and start “eating” them
    • It’ll shorten your life
    • The rice will turn bad
  • Why you should never let a black cat loiter around during a funeral?

    • It will scratch the coffin
    • Black cat brings bad luck
    • If the black cat jumps over the coffin, the corpse will turn into zombie
  • Why you should knock before you enter a hotel room?

    • To inform the invisible “friends” that you’re entering
    • To be test the knocking sound
    • It brings good luck
  • Why you should never tap a person’s shoulder?

    • It kills their guardian angel
    • It hurts
    • It brings bad luck
  • Which colour should you avoid wearing when visiting an elderly during Chinese New Year?

    • Black
    • Red
    • Yellow
  • Which should you avoid doing during Hungry Ghost Festival?

    • Walk home alone
    • Cutting nails at night
    • Buying lottery
  • What is disrepectful?

    • Not paying respect when you enter a temple
    • Paying respect when you’ve menses
    • Throwing tantrum in the temple

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