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Capitals of Africa-Geography Quiz


Robin Biznis August 14.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

We have one topic in this quiz.The capitals of Africa. So the geography of the black continent.To check the important ones, to remind ourselves if we have forgotten.I have given three answers for each state.One is correct.Be careful and focused on the answer.Hope you get a good result.Good luck, Robin.

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    The capital of Angola is?

    • Accra
    • Luanda
    • Marrakesh
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    The capital of Tunisia is?

    • Sousse
    • Tunis
    • Sfax
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    The capital of Algeria is ?

    • Algiers
    • Amman
    • Tripoli
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    The capital of Zambia is?

    • Kitwe
    • Beirut
    • Lusaka
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    The capital of Tanzania is?

    • Dodoma
    • Dar es Salaam
    • Lagos
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    The capital of Togo is called?

    • Lomé
    • Lobamba
    • Kinshasa
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    Most people live in Nigeria, what is the name of the capital of that country?

    • Cairo
    • .Lagos
    • Beirut
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    The capital of Zimbabwe is?

    • Salisbury
    • Harare
    • Kampala


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  1. 6 out of 8, not bad. ?
    Very nice quiz for a big beautiful continent with lots of culture and wonderful places, yet very underrated, in my opinion.
    However, the capital city of Nigeria seems to be Abuja while Lagos is the biggest and most populated. Pretty much like Canada’s Ottawa and Toronto, Australia’s Canberra and Sydney or Turkey’s Ankara and Istanbul, where the biggest cities are often mistaken for capitals. ?

    • Thank you very much Carol.

      This is normal because Africa is big, there are many countries,
      Not everything can be remembered.
      I know about 5-6 major cities in the US.
      There are 50 states in your country, you live in Tennessee, the capital is Nashville.

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