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Capital Cities of Different Countries – Quiz No. 3

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Each country in our world is unique. Some are known to be modern marvels, few are known for their heritage value, some others are known for their wildlife and some are signs of prosperity.  No matter how different each nation is, every nation is beautiful in its own way. The capital cities of their country may or may not truly represent the nature of the country.  But we tend to associate some of the country’s values and strengths with the capital city over time. We tend to associate the American values with Washington or German values with Berlin. Most of the questions given below would be easy though some are on the tougher side. Enjoy the quiz.

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    We will start the quiz with European countries. Name the capital city of Finland.

    • Oslo
    • Helsinki
    • Nuuk
    • Minsk
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    Name the capital city of Denmark

    • Pristina
    • Budapest
    • Copenhagen
    • Belgrade
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    Name the capital of Sweden.

    • Stockholm
    • Vienna
    • Warsaw
    • Lisbon
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    Now let us look at the Asia-Pacific region. Name the capital city of India.

    • Mumbai
    • Chennai
    • New Delhi
    • Kolkatta
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    Name the capital city of Philippines

    • Manila
    • Jakarta
    • Thimpu
    • Doha
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    The last one on Asia – Name the capital of Thailand

    • Gangtok
    • Jakarta
    • Bangkok
    • Kathmandu
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    Only one question on Africa – Name the capital of Seychelles.

    • Port Louis
    • Victoria
    • Porto-Novo
    • Freetown
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    The final one is on North America – Name the capital city of Costa Rica.

    • Kingston
    • Havana
    • Bridgetown
    • San Jose


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