Can You Make A Small Space Look Bigger?

Living in a small space can be as comfortable as in a big one if you know how to decorate it well. You should choose the right furniture and right color palette for your home and you should also know some tricks of how to get the most of the space. This quiz here will test your designer and organization skills and you will for sure find it very useful. Check it out and do not hesitate to share your results with your friends too.

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    What is the key to making a small space look bigger?

    • tricking the eye
    • painting walls with neutral colors
    • minimizing accessories and furniture
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    Which coffee table is a better choice for a small living room?

    • a wooden coffee table
    • a glass coffee table
    • a black coffee table
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    Why is it good to add mirrors to walls in a small home?

    • Because you can hide a closet.
    • Because you can create an illusion of space.
    • Because you can see how good you look.
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    What color furniture is the best for a small space?

    • dark colors like black, blue, brown etc.
    • vibrant colors like red, yellow, purple etc.
    • neutral colors like cream, beige etc.
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    What is the best way to add a splash of color to a small room?

    • Paint a wall in some vibrant color.
    • Choose colorful accessories and artwork.
    • Hang brightly colored curtains.
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    What is the best way to decrease clutter in a small kitchen?

    • Store items in the oven.
    • Choose multipurpose appliances.
    • Store items on the top of cabinets.
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    What is a stylish option if you lack on closet space?

    • wooden crates
    • decorative boxes
    • over the door shoe holders
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    Which of these spots is perfect for storing extra towels?

    • under the couch
    • under the kitchen sink
    • on a shelf above the bathroom door
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    How can you make a small space feel airy and bright?

    • Add many light fixtures.
    • Paint the walls with bright colors.
    • Add floor-to-ceiling windows.
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    Which bathtub is the best choice for a small bathroom?

    • a free-standing bathtub
    • a corner bathtub
    • a white bathtub
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    How can you add light by using mirrors?

    • Place the mirror behind a floor lamp.
    • Put mirrors on the ceiling.
    • Put mirrors across the room from windows.
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    When choosing furniture for a small home, you should…

    • choose subtle colors
    • choose size appropriate for the room
    • choose the most stylish ones.


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