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Can you spell it right?

Even if you are native English speaker, sometimes you find yourself in a dilemma of how to spell some words. So, let’s test out your spelling skills. I have chosen some spellings that most people cannot get them right. See if you are one of them and get the chance to learn from your mistakes.

  • Question of

    When one goes out or away

    • Excite
    • Exit
  • Question of

    The act of saying words correctly

    • Pronunciation
    • Pronounciation
  • Question of

    A line of people going to the theatre

    • Queue
    • Queeue
  • Question of

    Being silent

    • Quite
    • Quiet
  • Question of

    A pal

    • Freind
    • Friend
  • Question of

    A group of words that make sense

    • Sentense
    • Sentence
  • Question of

    Belonging to them

    • There
    • Their
  • Question of

    The total

    • Aggregate
    • Agregate
  • Question of

    Keeping things clean

    • Higyene
    • Hygiene
  • Question of

    The act of creating writings on a computer or typewriter keyboard.

    • Typeing
    • Typing


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