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Can you identify these horse breeds?

In spite of the fact that ‘stallion’ is a solitary species, there are more than 300 types of the tamed steed. Here are eight a greater amount of those breeds, with some exquisite photographs to help you to distinguish them.

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    This breed started life in the eighteenth century Germany at the direction of Lord George II of Britain. One of the most established European ‘warmblood’ breeds, they were initially utilized as carriage stallions. Today, they are much sought after by Olympic equestrians. Can you tell the breed?

    • Brandenburger
    • Hanoverian
    • Mecklenburger
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    This is a an American breed, used as cavalry horses during the Civil War. Can you recognize this state horse of Massachusetts?

    • Blazer
    • Appaloosa
    • Morgan
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    This breed is from England. They were mainly used initially in the farms, then as pulling coaches and artillery and now in the forests. Which one?

    • Welara
    • Suffolk Punch
    • Cleveland Bay
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    A small breed from Austria is known for their hardiness. Austrian army love this breed for mountainous terrain. Can you pick?

    • Murgese
    • Tolfetano
    • Haflinger
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    The smallest Argentinian breed known for their intelligence and used for training of children, usually. You can guess that:)

    • Falabella
    • Petiso Argentino
    • Criollo
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    An Indian Rajasthani breed popular in the 12th century for cavalry. Can you tell this breed?

    • Bhutia
    • Marwari
    • Lokai
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    An occasionally black Russian horses, quite a few date back to the 14th century. Can you identify?

    • Yakutian
    • Tersk
    • Vyatka
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    This breed comes in just two hues, either gold-champagne or chestnut. The breed was debilitated by the appearance of cultivating automation amidst the century yet populace numbers have been developing consistently since the 1980s. Which breed is this?

    • American Cream
    • Clydesdale
    • Dolehest


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