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Can You Guess What These Portuguese Words Mean?

I’m Portuguese, so I thought I would make a quiz about Portuguese words to see how well non Portuguese speakers would do at guessing what the words mean.

This quiz has 10 Portuguese words and each one has four words in English that can be the translation of that word, you just need to guess what that word means. I hope you find this fun and that you can learn some new words, thank you all for the support! Tell me if you would like more quizzes about Portuguese and even Portugal.

  • Camisola

    • Flower
    • Table
    • Jeans
    • T-shirt
  • Árvore

    • Fruit
    • Rice
    • Pencil
    • Tree
  • Cadeira

    • Rat
    • Elegant
    • Chair
    • Banana
  • Maçã

    • Pineapple
    • Pasta
    • Apple
    • Juice
  • Comando

    • Remote
    • Shoe
    • Pillow
    • Bed
  • Armário

    • Cleaning
    • House
    • Wardrobe
    • Singing
  • Água

    • Learn
    • Book
    • Water
    • Ice cream
  • Parede

    • Wall
    • Plate
    • Fork
    • Sock
  • Estar doente

    • Being sick
    • Trying to win
    • Singing
    • Being mad
  • Correr

    • Running
    • Dancing
    • Eating
    • Walking

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Written by Beatriz Martins

17 year old, originally from Portugal. Passionate about traveling and photography.


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  1. I only got one wrong: Comando, because I didn’t know that you meant ‘remote control’ by ‘remote’ (I thought you meant ‘distant’ 🙂 ) I have to admit I have been to Portugal a couple of times in recent years. Also, I know French and I learned Latin at school, so I could figure out most of these!
    I love your country, so I’d be very happy if you made more quizzes about it, and your language and culture 🙂

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