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Birds of a feather flock together. Do you know their Group names?

Our garden is designed with birds in mind.  Many come in groups and I feel nice when I know which  group is called what.  Knowledge is power.  Can you answer the quiz that questions you about names of groups of different birds?

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  • Question of

    Group of chickens. What is it known as?

    • Brood
    • cackle
    • Clucks
  • Question of

    Many have seen the penguins marching in groups Do you know what that group is called?

    • Trick
    • Colony
    • Gather
  • Question of

    Group of turtles. What are they called?

    • Jumper
    • Army
    • Brigade
  • Question of

    Have you tried to catch parrots? Guess their group

    • Company
    • Flight
    • Chatter boxes
  • Question of

    Those peace loving doves. What are they called?

    • Dole
    • Angel
    • Party
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    I do not like frogs. But know what they are called. You?

    • Army
    • Jumper
    • Brigade
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    Where Eagles Dare. Nice Movie. What is their group called?

    • Meeting
    • Conference
    • Convocation
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    Mortified of Crocodiles. What is their name?

    • Bask
    • Monster
    • Stroke


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