Beer Quiz: how well do you know your lagers, stouts and ales?

Beer, ale, stout, IPA… are you a fan or is it all just booze to you? Test your in-depth knowledge of the oldest fermented beverage known to mankind! You may know more than you think – or you may find you know less ? Do please leave a comment with your score!

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    Which grain is the most widely used for brewing beer?

    • Wheat
    • Oats
    • Barley
    • Rye
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    The earliest direct evidence of beer discovered is some 7000 years old. Where was it found?

    • Ireland
    • Iran
    • Iraq
    • New Mexico
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    The German Beer Purity Law (“Reinheitsgebot”) allows the use of which of the following in the brewing process?

    • Maize
    • Hops
    • Raw sugar
    • Iron filings
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    The world’s best-known stout is Guinness. It originated where?

    • Liverpool
    • Glasgow
    • Dublin
    • Barbados
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    Gueuze and lambic beers are unusual in undergoing spontaneous fermentation from wild yeasts. Where are they brewed?

    • Belgium
    • Switzerland
    • Luxembourg
    • French Guyana
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    Budweiser is named after the town of Budweis. Where is that?

    • Missouri
    • South Africa
    • Czech Republic
    • Poland
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    Most beers are what percentage water by volume?

    • 61%-70%
    • 71%-80%
    • 81%-90%
    • More than 90%
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    IPA is a hoppy beer style. The last two letters stand for ‘Pale Ale’; what does the I stand for?

    • Independent
    • Irish
    • India
    • Indian
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    Which of the following beer styles should be served coldest?

    • Lager
    • Pale ale
    • Stout
    • Trappist dubbel
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    ‘Barley wine’ is a wine, not a beer

    • False
    • True
    • None of the above


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