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Beautiful Trees

I have long loved trees of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. In Latvia, oak trees had the power to will me to them and I had a tall one in my garden that I named Henry. In this quiz, I have described many amazing trees. All you have to do is decide what the correct name of each tree. Have fun and enjoy these trees. 

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    These trees are found in Ta Prohm Cambodian ruins. They grow with huge, twisting root structures that are made up of long, wavy, narrow planks. These amazing trees are a sight to behold.

    • Tree of Silk
    • Silk Cotton Tree
    • Cotton Tree
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    This majestic tree is beautiful in all seasons. Therefore trees like this were chosen to plant in New York City’s Central Park and they’ve made the park famous with their leafy loveliness. Every year you can see them go from lush green to lovely reds and yellows.

    • Majestic Elm
    • Canadian Elm
    • American Elm
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    There are different varieties of this tree and they can be found in gardens all around the world. The trees a beautiful and rather small so they do well in smaller gardens and won’t choke the foliage.

    • Japanese Maple
    • Seasonal Maple
    • Asian Maple
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    These are the most massive trees in the world and they can last for hundreds of years and grow to become hundreds of feet tall. These trees are gentle giants that have survived due to conservation projects that protect them from being sawed down

    • Monster Sequoia
    • Giant Sequoia
    • Sky High Sequoia
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    These trees are only found in the Socotra archipelago in the Indian Ocean belonging to Yemen. These are mushroom-shaped trees and have been named due to the deep crimson sap the trees bear.

    • Island Tree
    • Socotra Tree
    • Dragonblood Tree
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    From Madagascar came a hot-blooded tree and now has spread to several sub-equatorial countries. They flourish where there is enough heat and erupt with volcanic red blossoms each year as if on fire.

    • Flamboyant Tree
    • Fire Tree
    • Red Flame Tree
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    These trees were named for the violet blossoms covering their branches before unfurling in their summer wear

    • Purple Tree
    • Blue Jacaranda
    • Tree of Purple Blossoms
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    These trees don’t get taller but they expand moving ever outward. They provide much shade and their boughs are draped in flowers. They drip with purple blooms and had a sense of majesty to any landscape.

    • Wisteria Tree
    • Wishing Tree
    • Purple Wonder Tree
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    These simple trees are fruit-bearing. They have pinpoint blooms that complement their twisted and twined trunks.

    • Twisted Fruit Tree
    • Olive Tree
    • Tree of Olives
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    These trees originated and are named for one southern U.S. state. They are the mightiest trees in the forest and the also the most densely beautiful, They have the hardwood characteristics of other trees of their species but their branches stream out in all directions.

    • Angel Oak South Carolina
    • Oak Tree of Angels
    • Angel Tree
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    These trees are a staple of the wet wilds in the southern hemisphere. Only in areas that are damp all the time and resist fire. They are perpetually draped in greenery that give them an aged and rugged appearance.

    • Beech Tree
    • The Antarctic Beech
    • Tree Beech
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    When these trees grow rapidly and combine into a copse they create a mysterious darkness that colors an entire area.

    • Tree of Mystery
    • Tall Shoot Tree
    • Bamboo Tree
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    These trees offer a kaleidoscope of reds, greens blues, and oranges with the brown of their barks. These are unusual trees that wear their stripes naturally and can be quite a sight when growing in vast numbers.

    • Rainbow Eucalyptus
    • Colorful Eucalyptus
    • Eucalyptus of Many Colors
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    These trees bear their fruits and leaves directly on their barks. This makes the trees have a tumorous appearance and also make the vine-draped trees very distinctive.

    • Blossom Tree
    • The Cannonball
    • Tree of Ball Blossoms
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    This is a surprising sight as the barren, skeletal tree grows straight up out of a lake. It’s supported by aerial prop roots. It has a tendency to shed its leaves early in the season

    • The Bald Cypress
    • Swamp Tree
    • Swampy Cypress


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