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Batman jilted when Joker the juggler jiggered the jigsaw.

The infamous Joker brought chaos to the Gotham Zoo.  Animals are on the loose.  Batman jilted  and Robin is in-charged now.  He  is having trouble to put each animal on their respective cages.   He only got 20 seconds to fix this mess otherwise people in the Gotham City will be in pandemonium.

Who can help Robin? If Robin is Batman’s assistant, then who will be Robin’s assistant now?    Where is Batman?

Put on the comment section how many animals were you placed in the right cage.

Good luck, your 20 seconds begins now!

  • Question of


    • I don’t know
    • Not this one
  • Question of

    garden lizard

    • look closely…
    • No
  • Question of


    • This is the right one
    • This is the left one.
  • Question of

    dusky-leaf monkey

    • Not this one, the other one
    • not this one, the other one.
  • Question of


    • This is the one
    • Yes, this is the one
  • Question of


    • this is the buffled one
    • Choose me I am the one
  • Question of

    eurasian coot

    • Hey, here
    • Click me.
  • Question of


    • Yes, I think this is it.
    • Yes this one is.


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