What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean To You?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still in its early stages, and is already causing huge disruptions in our daily lives; particularly in the world of work, business, culture, and technology.

One major problem today is that many people seem to have different ideas about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) actually means. So what does AI mean to you? What do you understand AI to mean?

Why not complete the following quiz – AI Test Quiz: No 2 – and then – you will find out what Artificial Intelligence really means, by yourself.

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    Neural Networks are interconnected groups of nodes in Artificial Intelligence devices, which are relatively similar to what?

    • Electrical connections in a power grid
    • Operating systems in a computer
    • Neurons in a human brain
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    In which year was the term, ‘Artificial Intelligence’, first coined, or used?

    • 1995
    • 1975
    • 1955
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    What is the unsupervised and autonomous understanding of text by Artificial Intelligence machines (or devices), known as?

    • Machine Language
    • Machine Reading
    • Machine Data
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    What is the term used for:- situations in which machines carry out certain ‘cognitive’ functions which people do – such as; problem solving, developing and learning?

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Analytics
    • Big Data Algorithms
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    Which of the following is not an aspect, or sub-field, of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    • Robotics
    • Asset Management
    • 3D Printing
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    Which one of the following terms is:- the expression of human language in a manner that can be understood by machines?

    • Multiple Language
    • Natural Language
    • Computer Language
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    Which of the following is a large database of annotated images used in visual object recognition software research?

    • ImageData
    • ImageTech
    • ImageNet
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    Which of the following is:- a recurrent neural network that is used in handwriting recognition and speech recognition?

    • IoT (Internet of Things)
    • DefStar5
    • LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory)
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    Which of the following is:- a much earlier programming language that is still popularly used today in artificial intelligence research?

    • DefStar5
    • FinData
    • LISP
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    Artificial Neural Networks are also known, as what?

    • Non-Learning Neural Networks
    • Educational Neural Networks
    • Non-Active Neural Networks
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    Which of the following is:- an element of ‘patterns theory’ used in understanding certain algorithms; hypothesis and concepts in Artificial Intelligence work?

    • ELIZA
    • eXpert CONfigurer (XCON)
    • DefStar5
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    Which of the following is a term not used in Artificial Intelligence?

    • Active Rule of Law
    • Arbitrary Precision Mathematics
    • Applied Psychological Measurement


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