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Animal quiz

The animal kingdom is full of mysteries, and some questions are not so easy to answer, as it seems at first.

Do you know the right answers?

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    Which animal can not make any sound, because they do not have any vocal cords?

    • giraffe
    • turtle
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    What do ants do when one of them dies in the anthill?

    • They eat the dead ant.
    • They bury the dead ant.
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    How many degrees of angle can the head of the three-toed sloth turn away?

    • 270
    • 200
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    How long do koalas sleep a day?

    • 10-12 hours
    • 18-22 hours
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    Which animals can be seen from space?

    • Whales
    • Corals
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    What color is the polar bear’s skin?

    • Black
    • Brown
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    Which are the 2 most intelligent birds?

    • Raven and owl.
    • Parrot and raven.
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    How long does the GalΓ‘pagos giant tortoise live?

    • 150
    • 50


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