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Ancient Egyptian Quiz

In one of my quiz, I said that I read history more like a scandalous gossip than in a learning point of view.

And one ancient empire that interest me the most is the Egyptian empire that started in the 3100 BC and lasted over 25 dynasties.

  • Who is Ra?

    • A Prince
    • A Pharaoh
    • The Earth god
    • The Sun god
  • Who is the last pharaoh of Dynasty I?

    • Djet
    • Qa’a
    • Merneith
    • Hor-Aha
  • Who is the Great Pyramind of Giza (largest pyramid in Egypt) built for?

    • Khufu
    • Djedefra
    • Horbaef
    • Khafre
  • Which ancient Eygptian god is depicted as a man with the head of a hawk?

    • Isis
    • Hapi
    • Horus
    • Khnum
  • Who ruled jointly with Thutmose III and later became Pharaoh?

    • Hatshepsut
    • Thutmose IV
    • Sobekneferu
    • Amenhotep II
  • Who built the Step Pyramid?

    • Khufu
    • Djoser
    • Djedefra
    • Tutankhamun
  • Why do the Ancient Egyptian mummify bodies?

    • Decying body spread germs, bacteria and dieases
    • to try and cheat death
    • They believed that the physical body would be important in the afterlife
    • It was by accident
  • Which Pharaoh defied tradition and established a new religion?

    • Amenhotep II
    • Akhenaten
    • Ahmose
    • Tutankhamun
  • Which temple is dedicated to Queen Nefertari?

    • There is none
    • Luxor Temple
    • Karnak
    • Abu Simbel
  • Who lead the Battle of Megiddo in the 15th century BC?

    • Ahmose I
    • Ramesses the Great
    • Thutmose III
    • Snefru
  • How did the Ancient Egyptian test for pregnancy?

    • Testing the urine with wine
    • Peeing on barley and wheat seeds over a period of a few days
    • Eating a frog
    • Drink cow’s milk

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Written by alibb

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