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An interesting quiz on conjunctions

It’s a pretty simple exercise in this quiz. For making it easier I’ve decided to go with just two options. It is a very basic test of your English grammar. I’m not a native English speaker. So, the grammar rules could bend. Anyway, out of the two, one is right and the other is the wrong answer. Pick up the correct answer and have fun.

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    Which one is correct?

    • Such a fantastic player was deprived of his title.
    • Such a fantastic player was deprived by his title.
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    And which one is correct here?

    • He is getting suspicious on your plan.
    • He is getting suspicious of your plan.
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    And here?

    • Congratulations for your win.
    • Congratulates on your win.
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    And how about this?

    • Call us when you arrive to the airport.
    • Call us when you arrive at the airport.
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    And did you guess this?

    • Are you afraid of your failure?
    • Are you afraid by your failure?
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    And this one?

    • I expect a truth from you.
    • I expect the truth from you.
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    Now one more to go…

    • This new building belongs by the rich landlord.
    • This new building belongs to the rich landlord.
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    And this is the last one.

    • Besides John, Steve also plays football.
    • Beside John, Steve also plays football.


What do you think?

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